I'm an Intentional Living Coach. I help people declutter from the inside//out. I love to learn, build community and encourage // empower others. I'm creating a school from scratch [The Podge Co.] and am documenting the journey on my podcast What I'm unLearning.

Learning, Decluttering, Low-Waste Living, Values-Based Budgeting, etc. I know a lot about Intentional Living & Personal Development.

Pricing Structures, Sales & Marketing

Alignment before Action.

I admire Miki Agrawal a lot. She has a HUGE heart for people and making a difference in this world. I admire her energy and ability to see a problem, disrupt an industry and come in with a solution.

Seeing things from both sides. Empathy.

Future CEO of an Educational Collective where School meets Commune // Travel Blogger // Urban Planner of Intentional Cities & Communities // Vegan Health Coach // Sea Turtle Rescuer

Gilmore Girl quotes & How to make gaucamole

I would teach them how to find their why, lower their waste and that all protein originates from plants.