I'm a designer. I love to learn, build community and encourage // empower others to design and live the life they want. We all get to choose - some of us just aren't aware of the choice.

Learning, Who's an expert in what, Podcasts, Random Pop-Culture spanning decades

Saying No, Slowing Down [much better at this now...], Making Videos & Learning the Guitar

Mother always said, "the faster you go - the more behind you get."

At the risk of sounding too much like a fan girl - Tina Roth-Eisenberg. Because of her, I've learned that I can in fact design and create the life I want while helping others realize the same for themselves. I can follow my curiosity, empower others and live a meaningful life sprinkled with nonsense & whimsy.

Connecting seemingly random things. Empathy.

Travel Blogger // Life Coach // Urban Planner // Nutrionist

Gilmore Girl quotes & How to make gaucamole

I'd ask them what they want to learn and then show them how to figure it out. Then I'd tell them to bookmark a page with cute animal pictures for those times they need a laugh and to invest in a mini-trampoline for those times they're SO excited they might burst.