Navy wife. Entrepreneur. Transplanted from the Philippines. Jazz singer. Really bad surfer. Did a series of talks on why beauty matters.

Philippine history - mostly from the Spanish colonization part, and especially the American commonwealth part because I spent a lot of time pestering my grandmothers about that time. I geek out over music and Doctor Who. I also know a lot about business strategy and startups, but I always feel like every time I learn something new about it, by the time I'm ready to share my lessons, the world has moved on and it's old news.

Maneuvering my immigration story with grace, forgiveness, and delight.

"Keep paddling."

Lin Manuel Miranda. Seven years on just doing something? Dude, I want that dedication.

Intense calm under incredible pressure and tension.

Organizing people's pantries, and teaching them how to organize their lives through a mix of GTD sensibilities and Konmari magic.

Ionic charges. Tellurium, Oxygen, Sulfur, and Selenium all have ion charges of -2.

How to throw things out.

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