Tracy Evans, like his peers, has a list of professional accolades from employment to volunteerism and hobbies…. but that’s not what makes him unique. The things that do make him uniquely “t” are the things that matter most, the things to make him feel more human. Here are the things that make Tracy, Tracy:

• Bed-maker 3ish days a week • Plant-eater more days than not • Book-reader… but not as many as he’d like • Phone-scroller, computer-scroller, tablet-scroller • Snoozer of alarms and a chugger of coffee • Goal-scorer on Iraqi streets in the early 2000s • Student of multiple higher learning education facilities • Builder of networks—both digitally and in-person • Traveler of countries (also not as many as he’d like) • Whisperer of animals and a lover of humans • Maker of fashion trends and the first person to notice your hair • Manager of salons, but very unable to partake in doing hair • Packager of beer but not a brewer • New to Detroit and still waiting until it humbly accepts him as one of its own • Lake Michigan junkie and an advocate for environmental sciences • An acquaintance of many but a friend to few

Most importantly, at this stage of his life Tracy would consider himself a lover of most humans, regardless of their story, who lives by these golden rules: work hard, love hard, be a good human, and don’t be an asshole.

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