Tessa Manuello is an entrepreneur, the founder of Legal Creatives, a Lecturer at the University of Sherbrooke (Canada), an Associate Researcher with the Group for Prevention and Resolution of Disputes Prevention (G-PRD) and a Certified Mediator (IMAQ). She regularly consults and delivers deeply engaging, thought-provoking and highly motivational experiences for international audiences on Creativity & Innovation, Conflict Resolution, Dispute System Design, Legal Tech & Design, Negotiation & Mediation.

Entrepreneurial at heart, Tessa Manuello is the founder of Legal Creatives, reinforcing innovation capacities in legal communities worldwide. Using her exponential and creative by design methodology, Tessa Manuello facilitates innovation sessions with the objective to solve complex, multi-party and costly internal and external issues for in-house legal departments at multinationals. As well, her approach has proven successful with smaller organizations, and renewed motivation for all involved.

Tessa Manuello teaches at the University of Sherbrooke (Canada) and is in charge of developing a new course on Creativity in Dispute Prevention and Resolution based on her research on the science of creativity. As an Associate Researcher with the Group for Dispute Prevention and Resolution (G-PRD), Tessa participates in the development of the state of knowledge and practice in dispute prevention and resolution, participatory justice and access to justice. As a certified mediator, she acts in two-parties conflicts as well as group conflicts using the creative model and strategies she developed, which have proven successful at reaching successful outcomes more effectively.

Globally, 4 billion people are estimated to live outside the protection of the law. The exponential and creative by design methodology I developed can reduce this gap.

Help me reduce the access to justice gap globally.

Be a minimalist.

Nelson Mandela, for its resilience in action.

Intuition and vision.

No plan B. I only have a Plan A.

How to be creative. It's a natural thing I am lucky enough to have, plus I research the science of creativity at the university.

How to write a Haiku (Japanese Poetry).