Copywriter by day. Barroom poet by night. Deeply curious person 24/7.

How to grasp, distill (or flesh out), and translate an idea quickly. How to survey a situation fast for clues to what someone really wants. How to use language to diffuse tension/conflict.

Connecting with local designers, photographers, illustrators, filmmakers, and other creatives for collaboration/client projects (I'm recently re-transplanted back in SF after 15 years).

"Release what is not meant for you."

Many. First that comes to mind: Frida Kahlo, for her resilience in the face of multiple traumas, and her front-facing humanity.

The ability to make everyday things sound inviting, exciting, important, or necessary. Also, the ability to (convincingly!) take on the voice and persona of an existing person/company/brand. I try to use both of these sinister powers for good. Mostly.

Noir detective with a cool rotary telephone.

Meaningful conversations.

The lines of evidence for continental drift. Or, the difference between the Woodhouse Scrub Jay and the California Scrub Jay. Or, how to spell out one phrase—any phrase—in sign language. Or, how NOT to glissade down a 14er.

Tom Hanks' "Look what I have created!"

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