If anything, I just want to make photographs of people.

Born in 1991 in Nijmegen with no clue I would ever call myself a photographer (which took me a good 19 years to figure out). But once I got introduced to photography I fell in love with it and it's ability to get to know anyone and go anywhere.

I love to get geeky over technicalities, lighting setups and editting. I love getting geeky with people. I love getting geeky for the sake of being geeky.

I strive to offer class A end products to my clients, doing anything to match their requirements. So if you think I may be of service, feel free to contact me and we'll have a chat about it!

Because if anything.. I want to make photographs of people.

Photography, people and geeky stuff.

Don't aim for perfect. Aim for different.

Joey L., a young photographer based in New York. He knew what he wanted from a young age. He became what he wanted and is more than incredibly gifted in his craft.

People tend to share their thoughts and feelings with me all the time. And then ask me "why did I even tell you that..?".

Nothing. I'm gonna make this work anyway.

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