I'm a designer recently graduated with a BA in Design at UC Davis. I previously got my AA in Graphic Design in 2013 from Santa Rosa Junior College. I have done a variety of print graphic design work over the years including book and editorial design. I started out at 7 years old playing in KidPix everyday and never stopped creating. I have tried to keep my skills variable and have fallen in love with the web over the last few years, and have done a lot of work for digital platforms and social media. I continue to focus on growing my knowledge so I can continue to create amazing things for causes I care about. Recent contracts include work for Lagunitas Brewery and Crunchyroll in San Francisco. I have worked in house and in agency, so let's make something amazing together!

Designing for print and web, also marketing . I also know a lot about international travel, as I have been to 16 countries.

finding a design job in Sacramento. If you're looking to add to your team, I'd love to show you what I can bring to your table.

Do what you love, even if the process to get there is slow.

Being awesome and resilient.

Making a killer cup of espresso, and probably an awesome cat lady.

experiences from all the countries I've traveled to and keyboard shortcuts.

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