I use my experience in the creative world to help businesses and nonprofits identify their core values, cast vision, and foster new business. Senator Paul Trible Jr., the President of my alma mater, took me under his wing to study executive leadership upon graduating from Christopher Newport University.

After my mentorship, I honed my creative skills at The Idea Center by helping our clients generate sales by educating them in video and digital marketing strategies. I continued the same work in the banking industry with community banks.

Currently, I the owner of a video production and video marketing business called Filmspire. I not only create powerful films that move people towards action but my social video strategies help businesses and nonprofits generate more sales using the power of video on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

I know a lot about creating awesome videos and ways to make sure people see them online. Besides that, I know a lot about the Marvel and DC universe. I am a sucker for superhero movies.

I need help getting connected with other filmmakers, videographer, cinematographers, editors, and other folks in film and video production. I am always looking to collaborate and build out my creative team.

Never spit in the wind.

Finding 4-leaf clovers.

Business development for a creative agency or being a Creative Director. Besides that, I seriously considered a career in counseling.

I've got my black belt so I think I would show someone a self-defense move that they could use to protect themselves or use against their really annoying friend.