Hello! In short: Creative and strategic ideating and producing is what I do. I'm an independent editorial/content strategist and creative entrepreneur. I've worked in publishing and content marketing for more than 10 years: First in magazines, then as the Senior Director of Content + Creative at Redbird, a Los Angeles-based content market marketing company, developing and executing strategies for national and niche brands. I live in Seattle (by way of Hawaii, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York) with my husband and pup, Emory. You can find me running around Green Lake, adventuring in the kitchen, curled up with a book, adventuring outdoors, standing on my head, scheming up my next creative project and — inspired by Ruth Reichl — finding the joy in simple things.

Editorial, content, editing, writing, branding, strategy, magazines, books, yoga, food and cooking, the creative pursuit.

Shipping my work, keeping my eye on the big picture (which I do very well for clients but not so much for my myself), slowing down.

Feed your soul. Girls have the power. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Anything worthwhile takes time.

Katherine Graham for having the courage to run a company before it was acceptable for a woman to do so and to do what needed to be done.

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