I'm an urban planner working in event management. I organize cultural and educational events in the field of architecture for both the general public and professionals. I also deal with sponsorships, fundraising and private sector relations in general. Until March 2017 I also used to have a 2nd job as teaching assistant at my former university, Polytechnic of Turin.

My biggest interest/passion is travelling, getting to know local people, local food, local culture, and local transportation. I love the experience of travelling rather than the simple sightseeing.

Since 2015, I spend my summer holidays as an international volunteer. So far I've been teaching to tribal children in India twice and worked in empowering women in Tanzania.

Since 2010 I'm an active member of the biggest funsubbing team in Italy (italiansubs.net) where we make Italian subtitles of TV series and documentaries for free. I make origami, practise table tennis and ski, and I'm a proud urban biker.

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