Web Designer & Developer • Illustrator • Musician

I'm a Mumbai born, Oman and Texas-bred human/person/thing/ehhh who currently lives in the ever-changing, always exciting Prospect Lefferts Gardens in Brooklyn.

I founded Sojourner Society with his wife, Bethany, as a small but spritely creative agency that helps business owners and passionate creatives find their unique and magical stories.

I perform and write music as a singer-songwriter. I'm always looking to collaborate and jam out with musicians, so let me know, and I'll be there in a jiffy.

"It's not your plans, It's about your presence" - David Listen, Dharma Talk on "The Diamond Sutra"

uhhhhh...wait? What's that you just said?

So this was the placeholder in the question field, but it's actually true! It's "All the lyrics to the James Moody's "In the mood for love""

I would teach them how to write a 30-second song

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