I grew up in HK, from a French-ish family. I guide people through transforming their living space into a home that reflects who they are. I am multi-passionate, super curious and smiley. for more https://tarabarot.com/now and/or https://tarabarot.com/about

Going from "I can't" to "how can I?" - AKA using you mindset to achieve what you want. The journey keeps going and I keep amazing myself at what is possible!

automating my processes for my business

You are the average of the 7 people you surround yourself with. In person, online, books you read/listen, podcast.

People with great relationships everywhere they go. Authentic, caring and giving.

I use my mind to make what I want to happen. Great tool everyone has. Yet not many use consciously.

Try, try and try some more. The path to success and failure is the same. The only difference is those who failed stop trying.

When I need to eat

You don't ask you don't get. Worst case you receive a no, Best case you get what you want.