Hello, I’m Tanya! I'm not your run-of-the-mill girl with a camera. Photographing awesome folk worldwide (but mostly Melbourne) including creatives, people in love and musicians. It’s ok, most people don’t know how to pronounce my last name.

I'm a people watcher, listener of music of the indie-rock persuasion, dog lover and a (concerningly obsessive) plant collector. Awkward yet empathetic. Sarcastic yet compassionate. I love working with creative, unconventional individuals that march to the beat of their own drum. That celebrate the way they want to. That don’t take themselves seriously. I like travelling out to places like moody forests with no phone reception, in a tiny backyard, on top of a mountain. Let’s make something awesome together.

using a camera (old and new), branding and marketing, picking up all my things and moving across the country and starting my entire business all over again, and I know a lot about building the connection between clients and photographic subjects. I'm also a full-time wedding photographer and can navigate the shit out of the wedding industry.

collaborating with other Melbourne creatives.

I have an entire degree in cinema actually, so I would become a music video director.


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