Product @ Deloitte Digital for 6 years. Pianist. Travelled to over 40 countries. Experiences across industries (private/public) playing different roles in strategy, delivery, creative/UX design, and project management. Enjoys exploring new grounds, learning new topics (currently: hygge, culture, identity, love), writing, and engaging with others! A huge foodie with a knack for adventure and the outdoors. For more, see @tammyYTwong @tywSharedKitchen

1) The process of developing an app - working with creatives, developers, clients, and other stakeholders. How to be the glue in the middle. 2) How to read music and play piano (I have my ARCT Piano Performers Diploma) 3) Travelling - for work, with family, or embedding yourself into local lifestyles. 4) User experience (functional) and testing digital products. 5) Really random stuff. 6) The world of management and technology consulting.

Getting involved with the creative community more. Volunteering in the community with youth leadership. Opportunities to use my musical talents - maybe volunteer or play at various events across the city.

"Don't take yourself so damn seriously!" - Benjamin Zander talk

Ability to connect with people at a personal level very quickly. Authentic and genuine relationships FTW! Curiousity and interest is key.

Piano teacher, author, community programming, independent consultant.

How to play scales. How to ride a bike.

How to use social media/internet to connect with their fav brands/organizations/content.

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