I believe in living passionately and as big as I can possibly dream. Authenticity and integrity are everything to me. I am an ever growing, change embracing, lesson learning, work in progress!

Business Administration, Project Management, Event Planning, Fundraising, Networking, Foundations, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting.

Finding sponsors for our events, specifically host locations for our meetings and sponsors to provide refreshments.

When you marry what you are good at with what you love, money comes naturally.

I admire people who live their lives unabashedly. We only get one spin on this planet, and there is so much to learn, see and so many people to love! Gratitude for every thing, always.

Organization...... oh but oh how I wish it were the chops of Lita Ford and the range of Kristen Chenowyth!

Hmmm, I have a lot of nets out there keeping me engaged, maybe luxury vacation planner to the stars?

Coffee first, then speak!

Perspective is everything, shift your mindset and the possibilities are unlimited!

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