I teach 100% Guilt-Free Self-Care Coach. I work with power + strong women who need some help getting from where they are to where they want to be. Self-care plays an important role because you can't live your dreams if you aren't taking care of yourself.

Self-Care, Self-Compassion, Empathy, Good Habits, Living Your Ideal Life, Restorative Yoga.

I am sure I could find a million tech problems.

Live within your means.

This is a tough one! So many people are doing life changing work in the world. Brene Brown's work has changed the way I think and how I behave. She is changing the world into a kinder place to be and she does it all in an approachable way.

Face recognition. I remember all of them. Usually names too.

Teaching third grade. Before I became a coach I was a third grade teacher. Loved, loved, loved the teaching part. Not so much on the other parts.

Faces, names and all the secrets people tell me.

The self-care framework I use to live a healthy, happy, sane life.

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