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Not nearly enough

Everything, I love learning and knowing

To see the difficult battles today how I would see them in hindsight in a few years time. Not an easy task, but it helps you recognise lessons as they're happening.

People who get up in the morning, driven to get to work because they so love what they do and have fought to be able to do it. It's hard to figure out what it is that you love doing on a day-to-day basis - lots of things get boring and old - but I think once you find it, the satisfaction is incredible. That's my goal.

I have super hearing...

If you're driven to succeed there's no space for a back-up. But one day when I'm old and grey I'd love to be a real writer - do nothing all day but write, for myself - or a hairdresser.

I never forget a face and I rarely forget a name

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