I'm a Jersey-born, Brooklyn-based content manager for a brand studio startup in Soho, as well as a freelance writer, illustrator, and graphic designer. I love telling brands' stories through written and visual content, and I nerd out over good email design, font selection, and color scheme generators. I'm also big on crafting and – in addition to making my own elaborate Halloween costumes every year (see here: https://bit.ly/2FBC0OY) – I'm working on launching my own line of clay & resin jewelry.

Email newsletters, blog writing, interviewing (for articles), illustration

Web design, photography (I'm learning)

To join Scott's Cheap Flights

I love Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY. I've always been passionate about crafting (I used to live for a trip to A.C. Moore growing up, and I love experimenting with new materials) but I only ever thought of it as a hobby. I love seeing someone who has created such a flourishing business out of a love for crafts.

Baking pies and hoarding obscene amounts of cardstock

Not sure if it's a backup to what I'm doing now or vice versa, but I would love to own a cafe + design shop.

Most of the lines in "Princess Diaries," "Gilmore Girls," and "While You Were Sleeping"

How to expertly wrap a present. An important skill for everyone to have and one a lot of people struggle with!

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