Rainer Flor is an experienced Creative Director with over ten years of professional experience in digital media development, including app development, photography, videography, and graphic design. With a talent for problem solving and creative design, Rainer is able to develop visually appealing applications with thoughtfully refined functionality. He believes that an app should be an experience tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual, offering personalized options and recommendations.

Rainer is good at connecting the dots. Whether it is taking an early idea from conceptualization to implementation or communicating with partners in business development, Rainer applies communication skills learned early in the course of his career to connect ideas and people in meaningful ways. That includes clearly envisioning a potential solution and applying critical thinking skills to translate that vision into a successful product. It also includes accurately gauging end user need and applying feedback.

In addition to his current focus on mobile application development, Rainer has a passion for education, particularly the ways in which advancements in technology can be used to improve learning. His vision for the future of education includes more immersive, social educational experiences and educational opportunities in every living room.

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