Designer/creative director in the sports industry. Podcaster. Business owner. Eighth-generation Kentuckian. Country boy that loves living rurally but traveling to and experiencing cities. Dad of 2 (soon to be 3). Husband to a Georgia Peach. College football fan. Youth soccer/basketball coach. Connoisseur of southern cuisine. Coffee drinker. Taco devourer.

Adobe Creative Suite; graphic design; UX/UI; creative business; podcasting; sports business; college football; Kentucky basketball; youth soccer; "A Song of Ice & Fire" (aka "Game of Thrones")

Going to bed earlier and waking up earlier.

"I'll never let my area code hinder what I can do professionally" — Wes Keltner, Founder & CEO, Gun Media

Tinker Hatfield. He created the Nike Air Jordan and was influential in sneaker culture we see today. He's also an expert at looking outside of his industry for inspiration and translating that inspiration to his profession of athletics sneaker design.

Eating lots of hot sauce, specifically sriracha, on everything.

High school basketball coach and/or art teacher.


Listening is a valuable skill. Don't just wait to speak, but really listen and process what the other person is saying. This simple skill brings more value to your relationships.