I was born and raised in the Midwest, taught to love big and dream bigger. After earning a bachelor’s degree in English and an associate’s degree in Photography, I started my business in June 2007. I primarily photograph bar + bat mitzvahs in Minneapolis and St. Paul plus oodles of kids and families. In May 2018, I joined the Art Buddies team as Program Manager (www.artbuddies.org). We are a Twin Cities-based nonprofit organization that helps kids realize their creative potential, and discover that creativity can be a path to a successful future through 1:1 mentor relationships, costume building and story writing. Our programs need creative mentors, so check us out and sign up to volunteer! I live in Minneapolis surrounded by shelves filled with books. I love smiling, kiddos, cooking for friends, honesty, ice cream + donuts and biking adventures with my husband. If you connect with these words, I’d love to connect with you!

photography, friendworking, kindness, cooking and baking, making people feel loved + program management (Art Buddies!)

Dream Big! Onward and upward!

I'm an idea machine!

Etsy shop owner, selling embroidered pieces and quilts that I currently love making for family and friends!

my husband's birthday and my cell phone number - ha!

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