Hi. I'm Sybil. I'm a full-time voice actress with a background in theatre, broadcasting and advertising – the perfect blend for voiceover. With every script, I discover new characters, collaborate with other artists and share our creation with the world. I also understand how a campaign works, from clients and research to proofs and legal approval. I get it. It's not a page of copy; it's countless working hours for whole teams of people. And it comes down to my voice delivering your words. I'm the Bright Voice to help you SHINE.

using my voice to convey dozens of meanings in one line of copy.

finding creatives who need voices for their campaigns and projects.

Always say thank you and offer to be a resource for anything a colleague or client might need.

Creative brand strategist and amazing human Jonathan Tilley because he lives and breathes the mission to help creatives share their talent with the world.

Connecting people who could use each other's help.

Teaching children's theatre or project management/client relations for a creative firm.

Songs, melodies, tunes ... and random lines from films.

How to find and remove a click sound from an audio file.

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