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I believe the magic happens at the edge

Dance with fear. Follow curiosity, obsession, and fascination. Buy the ticket, take the ride. Carpe Diem. Just Do It. So far, this approach has led me to some incredible projects and unforgettable people.

I helped launch North America's first surf park; co-founded a software company; wrote an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court; worked with the Haitian, Ghanian, and South African governments on a variety of legislative and judicial projects; produced a short doc on housing rights in Haiti; covered Barack Obama's historic 2008 campaign; and taught 200-level Swedish at Brigham Young University.

I received my JD from Duke University and a BA from BYU. 

I currently live in Los Angeles. 

Storytelling, writing, journalism, law, Chile, travel, surfing, history, Mormons, Scandinavia, American politics, comparative politics, neurology of love, criminal justice, music, Haiti, digital stuff

The art of receiving

Give more love.

Parents for their fierce love. Ben Fountain (author) for his dogged - yet zen - persistence.

Weaving captivating stories...especially if we're 2 drinks in.

No such thing as a backup. Each incarnation is an apprenticeship if you live it that way. It's all part of the journey (

My best stories.

4 chords on the guitar: C-F-Am-G. With that, they would be able to play a lot of dope songs :)

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