I'm me. (Short enough?)

marketing communications, yoga, traveling, living abroad, Peace Corps, mixed martial arts, arts and crafts

how much time have you got?

on cynical days: "Expect mediocrity." Dad; other days: "Don't count your chickens before they're hatched." Mom, "There's no cure for stupidity." Chinese Proverb by way of a friend, and "You can't take it with you." Various. (But after looking at the last two, they seem a little pessimistic, too...hmmm. Gotta think on that for a bit maybe....)

off the top of my head: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Farede Yazazao Aklum, Greta Thunberg, Paul Rusesabagina, Michelle Obama. I'm sure there are others — there are so many amazing people!

it's a toss-up between being able to fall asleep in any moving vehicle (no matter how short the journey is) and being able to work myself up into a fit of snort-laughing to the point that I'm in uncontrollable tears (ain't pretty...).

dependent wealth or professional snarking

useless tidbits

please, thank you, you're welcome — repeat

anything with a corgi butt or that makes me laugh or go "Awwwww!"

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