Susie Louis is she is the Founder and Director of Conservation Fusion, an international NGO with a mission to: Educate to build and strengthen our World. Her work spans the globe with a focus on the island of Madagascar. Susie has launched multiple community based education programs and at four sites in rural Madagascar and in Senegal. The Conservation Fusion team is exploring new ways to educate, empowering communities through hands on, inquiry-based education resulting in action to promote the balance between people and endangered species and ecosystems.
Passionate about teamwork and collaborative efforts, her body of work is the result of connections with diverse partners to include zoos, universities, non-profits, schools, engineers and government agencies to promote solutions to conservation challenges. Susie is dedicated to highlighting, engaging, connecting and supporting like-minded conservationists. As an entrepreneur, artist and author, this former zookeeper with a biology background publishes children’s books and peer-reviewed scientific articles to share her vision for a sustainable future. Connect with Susie via

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