Seattle-based mobile web developer interested in people, travel, film, culture, language, urban studies, and how technology shapes the way we communicate.

Know a lot about? I learn new stuff everyday.

learning Mandarin language, reigniting my skills towards mobile application development, marketing myself.

Go to bed early.

Monocle Editor and Financial Times Columnist Tyler Brule. He has the ability to thrive in a competitive print magazine publishing market with his magazine Monocle, and a tenacity to anticipate trends outside the scope of digital media while keeping an eye on it. As a publisher and name attached to the Monocle brand, he's also very keen on developments happening in global politics, world affairs, business, culture, travel and urbanism. Collectively, these trends help advance brand, shed light on their connections, offer solid publishing design standards, and explore perspectives outside of conventional reportage.

I have secret superpowers?

Gluten-free granola cook.

My bus line.

How to make rice.