Rebecca Tapp has been involved in launching and nurturing the careers of some of the worlds best known corporate speakers. With nearly a decade in the communications Industry, there are few individuals who know as much about the art of tailoring an impactful speaking message with the gravity required to cut through in the professional speaking market.

Rebecca's consulting sessions (Ignite) are designed for people with a vision. If you want to boost your speaking brand and enhance speaking opportunities, working with Rebecca one-on-one can help you to find your unique selling point as a speaker and connect your message directly to the needs of the corporate market. On your journey you will need advice, inspiration and direction from someone who has the big connections. Ignite will bring you this and more.

If you’re ready to launch – get set to move quickly. Rebecca has a vast amount of experience as an award winning consultant within the Asia Pacific’s niche speaking industry, selling to clients as well as speakers bureaus. She is adept with promoting her speakers strengths and building their personal brand. Put simply – you need someone like Rebecca in your corner if you want to succeed and go next level.

Launch your career, or take it to the next level. Are you ready for the adventure? It’s time to Ignite. Curious?

Rebecca is also the founder of Confessions of A Supernova. For more information on her plans for 'World Change' in 2015. Curious?

Through the Ignite process, I was able to hone in on my key messages and clarify how my speaking message conveys purpose, whilst adding value to audiences. It has also been amazing to have access to Rebecca’s knowledge, and connections in the industry. Rebecca has built my confidence in being able to charge for speaking as a revenue line for Project Futures, but also in the long run as a potential source of revenue personally.

Steph Lorenzo – Founder and CEO of Project Futures

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