“ …a multi talented individual, from a creative background with experience across many fields. Passionate, driven and with bags of energy – simply oozes with positivity…”

Although my education was from a Graphic Design back in the UK, I have had the fortunate chance to work with some the top designers and subsequently biggest brands in the UK and worldwide arena. Enhancing my creativity and ability to push a brand further and further and increase their appearance on the street and alike.

I’ve worked with Marketing and PR people all my life and would like to think, that I know a good one when I see one, and its great to learn from other people’s expertise. I’ve always been like a sponge, soaking up skills, advice and know how from my counterparts. I would say it’s in my mind the best way to progress and learn applied knowledge rather than bookish knowledge

I’ve been involved in many launches and events, not only from the initial stages of creation but then taking the project through to fruition and then anaylising the results – you learn more from mistakes than you do from your successes

Panama is proving to be a country where its not what you know, but who you know, and with my knowledgeable background and the ability to offer advice on improving their marketing, I have managed to get people to listen to me and pay attention.

I am becoming a very well connected individual with friends and acquaintances from all walks and social stature which is proving to be very valuable. I am very black and white, no grey areas and I speak my mind – a characteristic of mine that has proved invaluable in career to date

Whether it be a power drill, coca-cola can or a event body painting the skills and attributes needed to promote are the same, its all about being creative, innovative and making the consumer think – Genius!

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