I am a Bangalore-based Illustrator/Designer and Studio Jumble's mama. It is proudly a one-woman show, creating branding identity, communication design and illustrative artwork for awesome business-owners. Because of my background in architecture, I possess the superpower called design thinking, which lets me draw out the pain points of a client or an audience using discussions and follow-up research, and ease those pain points using my design solutions. I am constantly trying to innovate, stay away from trends, and in general, just add value to the world. I am available for collaborative engagements, and always always always for coffee and doughnuts!

design thinking, research based design, teaching oneself, self disciplining, quitting a dead-end job and dealing with financial strain

all the above, because I want to become a master of them!

"Don't compare your beginning to somebody else's middle" and "You will go very far if you know how to use your free time productively"

It's hard to name one

Shrugging off the idea that being lonely is horrible, which comes for free with being a freelancer in a creative field, staying at home making things.

probably motivational speaking

scenes from films or books that struck a chord with me, I can sometimes narrate them back without missing a detail.

I would teach them to talk back to the voices in their head, and give a rational counter-argument every time they are in a moment of doubt.

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