An East Coast native — born and raised — originally from the rolling suburbs from Philadelphia. I was raised in the City of Brotherly Love, schooled in Charm City and I'm now putting down roots in L'etoile Du Nord.

The keeping of bees, the composition of oil paints and how difficult a turtle communicator can be to open.

Folding fitted sheets.

To give myself and others the room to make mistakes. Thanks, Mimi.

Dick Proenneke. If you haven't seen Alone in the Wilderness then do yourself a favor and get acquainted, especially if you want to see someone whittle a pancake spoon using just an axe and chisel.

I have an uncanny ability to make street lamps go out.

Buidling A-Frame cabins in the backwoods of Maine.

The name of actor Gary Oldman.

The fundamentals behind a crisp jump shot.

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