Photographer with a knack for people; historian with a knack for genocide; Storyteller with a knack for hope. And I laugh a lot (helps with the genocide).

Photography; 20th Century history; Cambodia, South Africa and DR Congo; entrepreneurship; traveling; pitbulls; beer running

Marketing; business documents; French

If you are true to your heart and move in the direction of your dreams, people and circumstances will be placed along your path to help you along the way.

Riaan Manser jumps quickly to mind. He is a South African who rode his bike around the circumference of Africa in the 2000's. I admire him because he stepped away from an unfulfilling life to take on an extraordinary challenge that no one thought he could accomplish. In the face of constant pessimism and criticism about his quest ("You CAN'T do that!!", "You're going to die!!", etc) he persevered, found and cultivated supporters and friends, and then undertook one of the most incredible journeys of human exploration and adventure. When things got tough (and nearly deadly) during his ride, he just kept going. He trusted in the good of humankind and was rewarded for this beyond measure. It changed his life, and he now adventures, speaks and runs an organization to help kids. Basically, he decided to live his dream then went and did it.

I'm good at names.

Probably teaching. But I haven't made it that far yet.

See above.

The Rule of Thirds. Or, a very basic framework of why Eastern DR Congo is in a constant state of violent conflict. Your pick.

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