Marketing/PR Apologist. Music Enthusiast/Snob/Buffoon. Tomfoolery Advocate. Taco Maestro. Grammar Policeman. Half-Mexicano. Eternally Curious.

music..too much, in fact, to the point where I have strong opinions on it that have no basis in reason or rationale, which offends even my own personal reverence for logic. But in a more professional sense, I like to think I'm pretty good at finding out how to engage people with multiple digital touchpoints, and then using that skill to continuously inform and adapt marketing strategies so they reflect what we learn from them.

anything that happens in the morning, because there will never be enough coffee.

Relentlessly pursue your own happiness.

My parents, because despite having their flaws and making mistakes in their life, they are compassionate, rational, benevolent people who have invested a substantial amount of their lifetime to serving and improving the lives of others, including myself and, most notably, many who are less fortunate and less empowered than most citizens.

I can pick up and play many different musical instruments by ear.

Meme aggregator

Dialogue in films, really any written/spoken word I've ever enjoyed.

How to make the best carne asada marinade ever.

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