My true love is to write; currently working on my eighth book. We produced a documentary in Germany in 2018 (currently competing in film festivals worldwide). I spend most of my time speaking with large companies and creative thinkers to purposefully and strategically grow their business numbers. Strangely enough, I care very little for business numbers. To me, they simply represent something vastly more meaningful. Above all, I'm learning to love my wife and daughters more every day as we endeavour to figure out this work/life blend. In my spare time, I host 'The Pursuit Of Love' podcast, chatting with those who are on the path of pursuing the 'thing' they love as the primary thing they do.

Business stuff; whether that be growth strategies, team development, new market acquisitions, content marketing, sales strategy, strategic positioning etc.

Effective time management (most importantly around work/life blend).

"Pay attention to the nudges" - My late Pa

My wife Anna. She is the best friend you always wanted in high school.

If I find some information that interests me, I can most often remember it after hearing or reading it once. Comes in handy

I'd probably (learn to) build websites

See 'secret superpower'

I'd teach them how to build a revenue stream utilising the knowledge they already have.