As a dancer, writer and an event organizer I gravitate towards the business of effective communication and building teams who thrive on synergy and cohesion. I’m always looking for the missing gear to the machine that could turn ideas into reality and looking for coherence and relationships to help make sense of a bigger picture. I also love bagels, halloumi cheese and a small glass of choya any time of the day.


insights, conversations and perspectives from pioneers and mentors who have walked the path I'm hoping to travel in the next week years. My inspirations are derived from diverse backgrounds, from the art of curating stories for magazines to the scent and memories behind Diptyque's fragrances or the art of capturing life in a Netflix's Chef's table episode. I believe iron sharpens iron and would love a chance to learn many worlds.

You don't have to choose one thing only. You can do it all and do it well. "Someone out there is doing the thing that you want to do, why can't it be you? Everyone just started with something, somewhere, someday." - Marianna Hewitt

People who are curious enough to act upon their dreams.

I can spot beauty in brokeness.

You only get one shot, why do something you need a safety plan for?

The smell of New York City with my shake shack in dumbo.

I love all gifs equally. Knowing when to use the right ones, is a skill I look out for in people. Smirks

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