Hi, I'm Steph. I'm a digital strategist at allen & gerritsen, and an instructor with General Assembly. I'm a huge social media nerd, but after spending enough time with graphic designers over the years, went back to school to put some creative skills under my belt, too.

Digital strategy, social media, advertising, marketing, branding, PR, blogger outreach, brand planning, user behavior, psychographics, and video games.

The finer points of UX, and the deep, deep layers of Google Analytics.

"You were hired because you have a unique point of view. Don't be afraid to voice it."

The weirdos. Anyone and everyone who's unapologetic about loving who they are and what they do.

Reading people.


My name. Most days.

I'd pass along the public speaking tips I disregarded in college that have been super useful as a grown-up.


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