I'm a singer and I write songs. I perform with a band. I do voiceovers for fun and to be sure I make a living. My other jobs have included Teacher, Wilderness Counselor, Foster Care Supervisor, Barista, Adoption Specialist, Optometrist Assistant, (Terrible) Waitress. I'm kind of a Pollyanna. I'm from Des Moines originally but moved a million times as a kid, so there's no place that's my hometown, really. I can be won over by almost any earnest person. I have a Master's Degree in Social Work / Mental Health. I can do a bunch of character voices. I've acted in some films and on TV. I won spelling bees in sixth grade. I like new technology. I'm learning to be less controlling. I like people who make me laugh, because I can be too serious. I like taking random walks to find random things. I like being alone. I also like being with people, but I get more selective all the time about who those people are. I'm a romantic. I'm a pragmatist. I'm a good dancer. I get bored quickly. I know I get bored quickly, so I work on it. I always have the goal of liking people that I don't care for when I meet them. I think most people are doing their best at any given time, so it makes sense to try to understand where they're coming from. I don't think I'm great at love, but I really like it. Buttered toast is my favorite thing in the whole world. Besides singing.

most things, but I tend not to ask for it.

Be still.

I admire so many people. That's a longer conversation.

Shapeshifting. When a situation isn't going my way, I go full "when-in-Rome" - temporarily modifying my mannerisms, accent, maturity level, and/or stance on feminism to win over the likes of traffic cops, credit card companies, sound guys, and boyfriends' moms.

Come on.

The 13 Texas rivers, The Preamble, Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head, my grandma's birthday, to say thank you.

A rhythm pattern using a cup that I learned at camp, OR how to make a little stand for your chopsticks at a restaurant, with the wrapper that they come in.

Do people have favorite animated gifs?

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