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Missouri sports. Lettering with brush markers. Swimming. Pop culture. 90s alternative music.

Really realizing the value of my creativity... I have this gig for Punkpost, which has led to some commissioned work, and I have a very hard time figuring out how much the time and effort I put into something is actually "worth." Along the same lines, realizing that my writing that I do for Rock M Nation is worth something. Sure, it might just be some of my thoughts on a particular topic, but I shouldn't be afraid to put it out there because chances are, if I find it interesting, someone else will as well. And I guess, ALSO along those lines, what kinds of careers could this turn into knowing that I have these skills.

Remember you are a bright light in this world.

That I am still functioning when I legitimately have 4 jobs (full-time, part-time retail, two more freelance type of gigs) that I regularly am involved in. I can also say the states in ABC order— thanks, 6th grade.

Considering that I'm not sure I'm in the career I would want at this current time, I am looking at it as more of a "what's my next ACTUAL career?" I used to be a teacher and hs coach, so that was my career for 10 years. Working with students at the college level was a logical step, but I don't think it's what I want to do forever- not enough creativity involved, which I have discovered I REALLY need in my life (hence the freelance gigs).

I have almost a disturbing amount of knowledge about Mizzou sports (especially basketball).

How to write the word hello and love in modern style calligraphy

Dancing Mizzou Baby- it’s out there, and fills me with joy since its intro in August, 2014. Find it! Also, Darla (Little Rascals) crushing the can on her porch is an accurate portrayal of me at times

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