Video editing and production.

Sometimes I get slightly monomaniacal about the projects I'm working on and need someone to tell me to step back and get some perspective.

I have way too many to list and none that I value above all others. Some are: German filmmaker Fritz Lang who inspired me to pursue a film degree by his ability to think and work big, Monty Python for the unabashed playfulness of their work, John Steinbeck for the skill with which he writes about people.

I have an uncanny knack for getting lost (both literally and figuratively), but that's usually when I stumble across the most interesting things.

Exotic bird breeder? Mystery novelist? Craft beer brewer? Do backup careers have to be practical and can I have more than one?

Cmd/Ctrl+C = Copy; Cmd/Ctrl+V = Paste

How to use a camera in manual mode.