Creative Director, Illustrator, Music Composer, and Founder, Stefan Gustafsson has been creating dynamic, visual experiences for over 15 years. Numerous organizations including Stanford University, LeapFrog, and Delphi Group have partnered with him on projects for syndicated TV, trade shows, documentaries, digital campaigns, games, and mobile interfaces.

Stefan is known for turning complicated subjects into captivating, entertaining, results-driven pieces. He can confidently lead teams from his network of animators, filmmakers, VR artists, and copywriters through the whole creative process - from the brainstorm, through development, to final delivery.

He is also publishing an online comic called "I Left My Heart In Palo Alto". Having called the San Francisco Bay Area/Oakland, CA - USA, his home for the past decades, he now lives in Växjö, Sweden, with his family.

Project Management, animation, motion graphics, illustration, drawing, visual communication, music composing, audio production, Sweden.

Marketing, business development, business strategy.

Don't give up. Keep re-evaluating. Stay curious.

Frank Zappa - for his work ethic, vision and his music.

Curiosity and enthusiasm. Willingness to learn and expand.

Anything that will make money and not land me in jail.

My little sister's birthday.

Learn to love, or at least like, yourself as much as possible. Persistant work pays off in one way or the other. Action is the often the best way out. Get used to get up again and keep moving.

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