Art enthusiast and dreamer, cat & coffee lover, sunsets give me hope for a better tomorrow.

nothing really, you never know enough about anything. There's always more to learn.

was to never let anyone tell me what I can and cannot do. Only you can decide that.

I admire people who, despite being at their lowest, take that bad experience or part of their lives and do something good out of it. But, of course, bad and good are relative concepts so..

Changing the subject from anything that is not about me, haha. Kidding.. or maybe not.

Interior design or psychology.

That this life is short and you gotta do what you love and makes you happy, or otherwise it's just wasted time. That's my mantra in life: If it doesn't make you happy, leave.

That mental health and self-love are the most important things and that everyone should give them more credit.

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