Stacy Kessler is a creative change agent and community leader, using business to build innovative models, empower organizations, and energize entrepreneurs. She brings a unique background of research, strategy, innovation, and community building to help any project or organization achieve a new level of success.

With experience at a large corporation (Procter & Gamble), consulting as an expert partner with a boutique firm (Seek Company), founding her own startup (Platform 53) and conducting independent consulting, Stacy thrives in any situation with her ability to strategize, plan, and quickly adapt. She is a passionate leader who seeks to solve challenges with innovative approaches.

Stacy spearheads Unpolished Coworking, is on the Advisory Board for UC's Clermont Cty BIT Program, mentors entrepreneurship students at Xavier, provides resume & job search coaching, is involved in several MainStrasse Village initiatives, and helps with several behind-the-scene programs at Crossroads.

Market Research, Innovation, Segmentation, Consumer Strategy, Brand Architecture, Coworking, Community Building, Resume & Job Search Coaching, Project Coordination

CFO type expertise for small business, professional photo shoot/headshots

Bed & Breakfast with adventure experiences!

All of the tiny details and planning required to pull off a project or event.

How to camp!

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