A free spirit with an exuberance for life, an unapologetic individualist who has blazed her own trail as an entrepreneur, a lover of stories and words, cinema and travel, coffee and conversations, a foodie with a passion for cooking, hers is world of imagination, color, movement and stillness. She is an author and poet, and also an amateur actor having a blast doing short films.

The art of surviving. The process of creation. How to build a team. How to create something new. To reinvent. To turn things around. To balance objectivity and subjectivity. How to stay fresh in the head.

It is finally only a yes or a no.

Wit. genuineness and passion with oodles of talent.

My joy and love for life.

Many. Since I am an entreprenuer for the last 18 years, all i need is to move my butt. I can go in any direction i please. Can start something. work along, blessed with a decent balance of left and right brain and with a head that is always ticking away busily and as a weaver of words, I am not terribly anxious about an alternate career.

Great Ideas.

The utter joy of being in the moment and bringing your difference to it.

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