(New album releasing June 24! Check out the title music video - link above!) Intrapreneur & Musician. Recorded on 8 studio albums, National DownBeat Magazine Outstanding Jazz/Funk/Fusion Performance Award, appearances at Carnegie Hall & Broadway touring group, 2 publications for innovation in carbon nanotubes, 1 U.S. Patent with Ziploc, and 2nd place in Capital One Tech Innovation Competition. With a background in mechanical engineering, consumer product R&D, software development, and research/manufacturing of carbon nanotubes and superconducting particle accelerators, I've always had a love for innovation and curiosity. My greatest advantage is my wide array of experiences. However, my true career passions have always lied at the intersection of entrepreneurship and helping people find meaning & vibrancy in life. I believe that corporate environments can be a place where people come alive and feel whole. And my current role as a corporate intrapreneur is all about that, as a strategy for business growth. I believe that one day, when people ask if anything fun happened during the week, people will talk about work because companies will be in service to their employees, and employees in service to their customers - all resulting in great business outcomes.

software engineering & app/web development

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