Sophie has an extended 15+ years international experience in Digital advertising & communication in high-tech, automotive, entertainment, consumer goods and services, in hybrid project-account leadership. She has a great track record on delivering simple to complex and large scale web, social and mobile campaigns and initiatives, both in the US and Europe. She operates with ease in multiple agencies and clients environments, as a consultant, freelancer or full-time employee in building teams, hiring, leading and mentoring staff and external resources, as well as best practices implementation. Her impeccable ethics and team playing mindset, as well as her personable attitude and problem solving skills has made her a great asset in managing teams and creative & technology projects. The main accounts she was involved in include: Google, Nissan-Infiniti, Citroen, T-Mobile, RIM, Sony, Intel, Microsoft, Nestle, Levi's, Indi, Optic 2000, Canalplus, FX Networks, Namco-Bandai, Schwab, Amex... Sophie has been working in Brussels, Paris, Los Angeles, San Diego and Salt Lake City and now relocating permanently in Europe and available for a new consulting, contracting or employment opportunity.

digital, people drive & ego, US & Euro lifestyles, performing a dance routine, organizing stuff, people & projects, team playing, mind reading (kinda).

Patience, letting go, mindfulness.

Be self-referent, not object-referent.

Mandela, Amma, Dalai Lama, Kelly Slater, Mina, Francisco Jr. : perseverance, patience, not taking things personnally, live your purpose, make a positive impact at your level.

Can you keep a secret?... so can I.

Coaching. Dancing

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I'd ask what they want to learn first.

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