I think every person needs a place of Self to retreat to - for me, that place is the kitchen. I call it my ‘kitchen boudoir’ - a place where I can connect, create, unfold, nurture, and share my creations as an act of love with myself and with others I care about. I am a food-obsessed word nerd or a word-obsessed food nerd, depending on the day. I read voraciously and writing is where I find it easiest to truly show up as myself. A butter enthusiast (seriously - I can be courted with butter). A devourer of books and cookbooks. I feel most at home in my kitchen, writing songs at my piano, or singing. Nature inspires me. Travel refuels me. I swoon over violins, crème brûlée and good lighting. I love connecting with people about the things that are important in life, especially if there is food around while we are doing so.

The Camino de Santiago. I walked it in 2013.

Finding the right fit investors for my Nurture Creative Retreat Centre - a 94 acre organic farm that I am in the process of buying and aiming to operate as a B&B with a co-working twist for artists, entrepreneurs, & wellness professionals.

Everything reflects everything.

Those who are comfortable in their own skin - because that is the kind of woman I want to be.

My ginger cookies are life-changing. Actually.

Whatever shows up naturally if what I'm doing now is no longer of service. Haven't really thought about it specifically.

Proverbs 3:5-6

My philosophy on cooking with love.

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