Hi everybody. I am Sophie Liebermann, Creative Mornings new hoster. Player in the field of B2B and B2C communication and PR for over 20 years, I could define myself as an “all land communicator”, as I had various positions in international groups (in agencies or as freelance). Enthusiastic, curious and very intuitive, I am always interested in discovering new possibilities beyond what is present, obvious and known.

During 4 years, I have been volunteer for TEDxCannes. I was in charge of Communication and PR. It was a great experience, but I wanted to be part of a “conferences project” more oriented in creativity. I have been fascinated by how the speakers were talking about their life, experiences, projects … It was (and it still be) very inspiring. What I do like in the CM concept is to bring creativity and inspiration to people from all sectors with different themes.

With 3 friends, we have created an association : Les Lutins du Phoenix . Our aim is to visit Oncology Pediatric units in hospital, to bring them new technology and pop culture. We are all volunteers and collaborated with cosplayers and high tech / robotic companies to change for a day the life of these kids fighting cancer.

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