I am Argentinean-Canadian architect registered and currently working in Portugal, with a background in Communications and Culture. I am a globetrotter who speaks several languages and enjoys being immersed in diverse cultural environments and sharing ideas. I brings to the team my previous work experience in the fields of communication, event planning and volunteer coordination.

many things.. I enjoy being a generalist rather than a specialist

whatever people want to help me with.

You are as good as your last day....so make it count.

I admire humanitarian workers, anyone who could chose to be comfortable, safe and sound and chose to go out there instead and contribute their grain of sand in places where nobody wants to be due to harsh human/health... conditions.


I wish I could say singer of violinist... but let's face it, I am not good at it so I'll just say I would probably gravitate towards something that involves active problem solving and try my luck.

Situations - I am great at remembering contexts.... and I have a bit of an eye for detail

To let go