Kent State University graduate, with a degree in Applied Communication Studies. Former coordinator of volunteer services for almost 10 years, turn fashion stylist for Stitch Fix. I'm active in my community and church. I volunteer for the Cleveland Natural History Museum ( if you attend their Think and Drink events, you more than likely have seen me), and I serve on the Worship, Usher and King's Kids teams at my church, King's Church in Lakewood. In case that wasnt enough, I'm also a professional photographer. I love to travel, podcasts, singing, dancing, making people feel loved, getting together with friends often, my kitty, Bella, and so much more.

Photography, styling, singing, volunteering, laughing, and having joy!

"You're way more than coordinating volunteer services, and you deserve to always do what you love" - Rebecca (my previous manager, whose also been my mentor/big sister/best friend😊)

People's names and quotes from favorite movies, such as, Bridesmaids and Wedding Crashers ☺😂

Photography! Anyone can learn if you have the time

GIF's that have the perfect facial reactions to nonsense 😂

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