Stephen Antupit helps make cities--that's where ideas go to have sex. He uses his extensive professional experience to identify, design, and develop urban strategies, all with the goal of creating of socially equitable, resilient communities. His expertise in complex urban design, master plan, and private-public partnership challenges (including the creation of mixed-income transit communities) is highly respected. His knowledge of regional and national policy related to green infrastructure and smart growth fuels his consulting practice.

Antupit is a creative force when it comes crafting unique "fun with a purpose" events that bring people of all walks of life together to talk about civic and environmental issues. He plays with food's real power to nourish friendships and serve up delicious green infrastructure solutions. His system navigation skills also serve him well when interacting with officials, community leaders, and members of the media.

Stephen Antupit was a founder of CityLab7, an innovative "do tank" committed to connecting people through tactical urbanism. He previously led green urbanism + strategic brand efforts at Mithun. Antupit was a founding partner at Fish to Water, and serves often as an expert panelist for the Urban Land Institute.

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