I consider myself a student of life. I love learning so I find that there are many things that peak my interest. As such, I struggle with a professional identity. Personally, I enjoy many things such as landscape and flower photography, writing, baking, cooking, gardening, traveling, art museums, the ballet, music, the symphony, the opera, hiking, and exploring caves.

not knowing what I want to be when I grow up. This is the proverbial conundrum of polymaths/multipotentialites like myself.

"... it is fine (good, even) to live the life that is most meaningful to you, even if your way is not the most conventional one." Eric Klinenberg from 'Going Solo'

My maternal grandmother, otherwise known as "Grandma Bunny." She was adopted, learned to play the piano [well] as a child, and raised seven children on her own by playing the piano and singing. She was always up for an adventure, babied her flowers, enjoyed cooking, loved her Shiner Bock, and was always full of life. She was one of my best friends and greatest supporters. I do not know how I could ever stop missing her.

I have a hard enough time picking a primary career. You want me to choose a backup career? Good luck!

How people make me feel in various situations.

The power and importance of journaling. You can learn a lot when you capture the true you on paper. I actually have different types of journals. A few examples: 1) quotes that speak to me when I read, 2) "hopeful experiences", kind of like a bucket list, and 3) combined journal, a journal I share with another person. These are nice to have with your partner, friend, or family member.

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